Clash of Clans Attack Strategy

Clash of Clans Attack Strategy – On this attack, I was able to get a hundred percent just using basic troops. The goal for this attack was to save the max amount of elixir on troops while getting the most gold possible.

Currently, I am at a trophy level of around fifteen-hundred. I’m attacking a lower lever player in this video, but this strategy works for most bronze league attacks. The basic troops used in this video will not work with higher leagued or trophy players. If you see player with x-bows, inferno towers or high level gods (Barbarian King or Archer Queen), do not try to attack with this setup.

Clash of Clans Attack Strategy

The strategy used is very simple. I released my giants first. They can take the most most damage and the defenders defense usually will target the giants. Next I released my level five wall breakers to clear a path for my giants to get to the inner defense.

    Troops Used in This Clash of Clans Attack Strategy

– 20 Giants
– 12 Wall Breakers
– 40 Archers
– 20 Barbarians
– 1 Barbarian King
– 10 Goblins

Releasing barbarians prior to the Barbarian King will give your barbarians more power. As long as your Barbarian King is over a level five, all the barbarians around him will get a short rage boost. This is good for knocking out traps, bombs and other defense buildings.

Hopefully this Clash of Clans Attack strategy video helps you with your future attacks.