Clash of Clans Get Extra XP For Removing Trees

Clash of Clans get extra XP for removing trees that surround your base. This should come as no surprise for anyone with half a brain or who paid attention during the the tutorial. Typically you will received gems when removing bushes and trees, but in this video I received experience points for removing this unwanted junk.

Several months ago, the developers started boosting up the gem output from removing trees, bushes and flowers. I would assume to keep more people playing and help players obtain more resources for the expansion of Clan Wars.

Clash of Clans Get Extra XP For Removing Trees

The developers of this game made a major mistake surrounding Clan Wars. Most members of a clan are deadbeats with zero resources. If a clan member’s Elder declares war, members are stockpiling all their resources (primarily elixir), so they can donate and attack. The end result is, no one has any resources left to upgrade their troops or anything that requires elixir.

Obviously, this was a planned mistake on their part, as they want more people buying gems and feeding their machine. For the average player, this is somewhat of a turnoff because you are stuck with the same ball-sack troops and to save enough elixir to upgrade anything… takes forever.

Hopefully this simple tip about “Clash of Clans Get Extra XP For Removing Trees” helped you in someway. If you still have questions you should probably stop playing the game.