Minecraft PE How to Setup Deep Bedrock Mine

Minecraft PE How to Setup Deep Bedrock MineMinecraft PE How to Setup Deep Bedrock Mine – Check out my blog as I show my setup for creating a deep mine at bedrock. First thing I do is look for a location the is close to sea level. Mining above sea level rarely produces gold or diamonds. You will never find Redstone higher than a few blocks from bedrock.

Personally, I find almost all of my rare ores and gems within a twenty block high radius. You can find plenty of iron and coal at almost any level.

Minecraft PE How to Setup Deep Bedrock Mine

This is the location I selected. It is very close to sea level and the sidewall was almost entirely made of stone.

Top Floor layout
minecraft pe Top Floor layout

Here you can see my top floor base camp. I have the essentials needed for starting a deep mining project.

minecraft pe top floor bedrock mine

I use windows in the front wall of my mine entrance, so I can see any potential mob threats.

Spiral Staircase to Bedrock
minecraft pe Spiral Staircase to Bedrock

As you can see, I am using spiral stairs to reach Bedrock. This eliminates the use of latters and long vertical stairwells, that span across half the map.

minecraft pe spiral mine staircase

The Use of Stairs

Moving up and down your mineshaft quickly is a must. I am playing in survival mode, so I do not want to waste my early resources with powered mine-cart tracks. Steps allow you to basically run from the top to the bottom of your mine with ease. Jumping up 100 plus steps would be a pain.

Building on the First Layer of Bedrock

Setup your base on the first layer of bedrock you reach. You can typically go down 3 addition stone blocks in some spots, once you hit bedrock. I dig out all the stone blocks below my camp, just to make sure there isn’t any hidden treasure. Once the base has been completely mined, I level the ground off with cobblestone.

Underground Base Camp

Having an underground base camp when mining deep is extremely helpful. It will reduce the need for you to return to the surface. In some cases I will even plant two trees, make an endless water supply hole and grow wheat for making bread.

I make several storage chest to hold unwanted blocks and I installed multiple furnaces to smelt ore, while I am mining. Two are for melting gold and iron. One is for all other purposes (i.e. Food, dyes, charcoal, etc…).

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