Modern War Bring the Rain Goal

Modern War Bring the Rain Goal – Check out this blog as I show how to complete the mission/goal “Bring on the Rain”. I’m currently playing Modern War on the Nexus 7 tablet, that is running Android for the operating system.

This mission is extremely easy to complete. There are two missions involved with completing this goal. The mission takes place the map Dictator’s Palace.

The Dictator’s Lieutenant
modern war bring the rain Dictator Lieutenant

In the first mission, you must locate the dictator’s Lieutenant on the map. Once you find the Lieutenant, double-tap then screen to eliminate him.

The Palace Arch

modern war bring the rain goal palace arch

Next, you will need to complete the Palace Arch mission. Scroll to the bottom right hand side of the screen and click on the palace.

Goal Completed

Modern War Bring the Rain Goal Complete

After the goal is completed, you will earn four thousand dollars, six experience points and one alliance member.

Completing this mission also earned me a fight with an enemy leader, during the Indonesia campaign. I was able to win a special unit for defeating the enemy leader.

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