Minecraft PE Old Western Town Map

Minecraft PE Old Western Town MapMinecraft PE Old Western Town Map – Check out this video as I do a quick walk through of an old western town I’m building on Minecraft PE. This map is not complete yet and is only in the beginning stages of the build. When completed there will be over twenty buildings, massive wooden bridge connecting two cliff overhangs and completed railway system. I will add links to download the map for free. So, check back on the progress as I build.

Minecraft PE Old Western Town Map

All the buildings have a basement and/or sub-floor and will be connected by underground tunnels. Also, I will Hexedit the map, so everyone can play in three modes; survival, creative and creative with mobs/day cycle. I expect to complete the map within the month. Version 0.9 should be release by then, so I might be wasting my time building this map.

Hopefully, the update will allow players to convert their existing maps into unlimited block worlds. I’m not sure what the new update will do to the edited creative day/night cycle with mobs.

What do you think about my “Minecraft PE Old Western Town Map ” video so far? Leave your questions or comments below.

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