Minecraft PE How to Make Bone Meal

Minecraft PE How to Make Bone MealMinecraft PE How to Make Bone Meal – In this video I quickly show you how to make bone meal. It is very simple to do. Gather some bones from skeletons. These can be obtained by killing them or heading out first thing in the morning to collect them. Once the sun rises, any skeletons in the area will catch on fire and leave behind free bones.

After collecting the bones, return back to your base camp or find the nearest crafting table. With the bones in your inventory, craft the bone meal. It is located on the icon of the picture frame, which took me a few minutes to locate myself.

Minecraft PE How to Make Bone Meal

Bone meal is not need to grow crops or plants. It does help them grow instantly. It might take several bone meals to completely grow your crop(s). If you are just starting out, it is a good idea to use it to complete your crops. This will allow you to harvest and replant more. Getting you one step closer to a massive crop growing operation, if that is your thing.

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