Minecraft PE How to Harvest Crops

Minecraft PE How to Harvest CropsMinecraft PE How to Harvest Crops – Check out this quick video clip of me showing how to harvest your crops. It is very simple to do. You do not need to use a hoe to collect or harvest your crops. You can use your hand or any block to hit the crops. The key is to make sure your crops are ready to be harvest, otherwise you can lose harvest and seeds.

Minecraft PE How to Harvest Crops

Wheat is ready to be harvest when it is brownish color. Carrots and beats should be visibly growing out of the ground. Melons and pumpkins should be fully grown and look like a completed block.

Replanting your crops is key when you are first starting out survival game. If you plan to raise chickens or pigs, seeds and carrots will double as feed.

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