Minecraft PE How to Make Charcoal

Minecraft PE How to Make Charcoal Minecraft PE How to Make Charcoal – Check out this video clip where I show how easy it is to make charcoal. This is a must for anyone starting off a new game in survival, as you will not have immediate access to coal. Simply chop down a tree. Save at least one wood block from the tree.

Next you will need to locate your furnace. The wood block goes in the top position. For fuel, you can use coal, charcoal or typically anything made of wood. I usually throw my old wood weapons or tools in as a fuel source. 

Minecraft PE How to Make Charcoal

Surviving the night without any mob attacks when you are getting started is a major relief. Use the charcoal to craft torches for light too keep the mobs away. It is a good idea to store some of your charcoal away in a chest in case you die at the  beginning f the game.

Be sure to keep some on you at all times. You never know when you will need it. If you plan to do any deep mining, it is a must to have a light source. Otherwise you will spend more time killing spawning mobs than collecting resources.

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