Battlefield 4 M60 E4 Highlight Video

Battlefield 4 M60 E4 Highlight VideoBattlefield 4 M60 E4 Highlight Video – Check out this video of various kills I got using the M60-E4. This gun is a beast and excellent in close-quarters situations. Indoor maps like Operation Lockdown and Metro are perfect. You can just hold down on the trigger and let the bullets fly. I even use it to run-and-gun sometimes and I still score allot of points.

Battlefield 4 M60 E4 Highlight Video

There are only few downsides to this gun. It is heavy so you are extremely slow. Reloads take forever, but you do have a 100 plus round clip. Going for long distance shots? The M60-E4 just does not hold it’s power and the accuracy is not the best.

Anyone in a close range is toast. The bipod can be used for longer shots, but I always shoot free-aim. Unless, I’m trying to hold a position on an indoors map.

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