Clash of Clan Walls

Clash of Clan WallsClash of Clan Walls – In this video I showoff my base’s defense by using a mixture of crystal and skull walls to stop my opponent. I did lose some elixir in the process, but I was able to gain extra trophies. Using walls correctly is the key to a good defense.

My method is boxing everything in with walls. This makes the attacker have to bust through wall after wall to reach my defense units. While the attacker is wasting time breaking through, my defense units such as mortars, wizard towers, etc… are taking out all the attacker’s units.

Clash of Clan Walls

Using skull walls at intersections is key. The game is program for attacking units to takeout intersecting walls first. By doing so, it opens up multiple sections of your base. If you put a skull section piece in the intersection, it’s much harder for attackers to make their way through intersecting walls.

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