Forza 5 Cars1990 Mercedes Benz 190E

Forza 5 Cars1990 Mercedes Benz 190EForza 5 Cars1990 Mercedes Benz 190E – Check out this video of me racing this early nineties Benz on the Road to America track for the Xbox One. This was not a very good race on my behalf. The main purpose of this video was to test my new Elgato Capture Card and to see how good the image quality is.

The image is not bad. Probably around 720p and there doesn’t appear to be any lag in the video itself. I would suggest using a second screen to play. I had major lag watching the software, but not the HDMI feed into the monitor.

Forza 5 Cars1990 Mercedes Benz 190E

Back to the game. These Nineties Mercedes bring back memories and its fun to soup them up. I have this car in the “C Class” and it is not even close to being as fast as the computer cars. I had several driver errors during the race and missed a few shifts (new to manual transmission on Forza) during the race.

I think if I download a tune for this car and focus more on increasing the horse power, this car could be decent. I had some body roll going around a few turns, so a roll cage or stiffening the stabilizer bars might help.

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