Minecraft PE Destroy Building With TNT

Minecraft PE Destroy Building With TNTMinecraft PE Destroy Building With TNT – Check out this video of me using TNT to destroy this building on a downloaded city map. Although someone spent many hours building this building, it seemed like a good idea to demo it. Do not worry, as I have a saved copy of the map and will restore the building intact.

It took about 10 minutes to place enough TNT throughout the building to ensure that I would get it all. I did miss two blocks at the top, but got most of the building with one try. I think I might have used a little to much at the building’s base, because I got some of the surrounding buildings.

Minecraft PE Destroy Building With TNT

The key is to place TNT on every floor and all the corners. Also, you need to stack the TNT. This allows for a delayed explosion, which will setoff the TNT on the lower floors.

It was fairly quick, for the building to come down. I think it took more time setting up the demo than the actual time it took for removing the building from the map.

This sure beats removing each block, which would take forever.

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