Modern War How to Always Win Attacks

Modern War How to Always Win Attacks – Check out this video as I show how to easily win attacks on this game. It is very simple to do. First go to your news feed to see if anyone has attacked you. If you were able to fend off the attack, typically this means you can attack back and win.

Click on the person that attacked you and repeatedy spam the attack button. This will allow you to drain your opponent’s resources and complete missions. Earning money, valor points, troops, etc…

Modern War How to Always Win Attacks

I use this method all of the time. I never go through the raid list, as there are a lot of old accounts that are very strong. You might search for twenty minutes, before you can find someone to beat.

Using the news feed is much quicker. The attacker stays on your feed, until new news pushes the attacker off the list.

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