Clash of Clans Strategy Guides

Clash of Clans Strategy GuidesClash of Clans Strategy Guides – In this video I attack an opponent only using basic troop. The goal with this attack was to get loot and trophies, without spending much elixir.

This is my basic strategy for leveling up. After the battle, I want to end up with at least the same amount of elixir it took to do the attack and a decent amount of gold.

Clash of Clans Strategy Guides

I did not get 100% on this attack, but I did get two stars and 86%. If I used stronger and/or better troops, I would have probably been able to get 100%.

The troops used are basic troops, that everyone has access too. I use giants, wall breakers, goblins, archers, barbarians and my barbarian king.

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