Clash of Clans Perfect Attack

Clash of Clans Perfect AttackClash of Clans Perfect Attack – In this video I search out an opponent in my league that I know I can beat. This opponent didn’t have a ton of resources for me to gain. I chose this opponent specifically because of his elixir and decent amount of gold.

If I am going to attack, I typically like the opponent to have enough elixir to cover the cost of my troops. In this case, the opponent did, so I waged an all-out attack.

Clash of Clans Perfect Attack

I got almost a hundred thousand in gold and over a hundred thousand in elixir. Also, I picked up 20 trophies and scored a hundred percent on this attack. My strategy for this attack was to release the giants to take the incoming rounds.

After that, I threw a healing spell on my giants, so they did not get wiped out while keeping the opponent’s defense busy. Once the defense is locked on my giants, that is when the wall breakers come out.

As soon as there is a hole in one of the walls, I open the flood gates and overwhelm the opponents defense.

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