Minecraft PE How to Mine Redstone

Minecraft PE How to Mine RedstoneMinecraft PE How to Mine Redstone – In this video I show how to mine this specialty block that is located near bedrock. It might seem like a no brainer when it comes to mining redstone, but everyone who tries it their first time typically fails.

Reason being, you have to use a pick axe that is made of iron, gold or diamond to collect the redstone from the block. If you mine the block with a stone or wood pick axe, it will crumble to nothing.

Minecraft PE How to Mine Redstone

Redstone is not extremely important as of yet. There are only a few things you can craft with redstone in Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.8.1. Hopefully when version 0.9 is released shortly, you will be able to put the redstone to better use.

Redstone is abundant when you are mining deep, next to bedrock. I have always collected more redstone dust than I can ever use. When mining deep, I typically create a chest specifically to hold all the redstone dust that I collect.

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