Clash of Clans Cannons

Clash of Clans Cannons – Check out this video of me using my cannons as my primary defense. I was able to win this attack against the attacker. The attacker did do some damage, but I came away with the victory and trophies.

I did not lose much loot, but the attacker took all my elixir that was available. Using cannons or better known as mortars, is the best defense for wiping out small troops such as archers, barbarians and goblins.

Clash of Clans Cannons

Mortars use splash attacks, meaning they do not target a specific single unit. Instead, mortars can take out groups of attackers. I typically place my mortars in the center of my base, as they can protect my entire layout.

Additionally, I surround them with several walls. This way the attackers have to waste time trying to break through my walls, while my mortars are dropping bombs on their head.

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