Battlefield 4 Frogfoot Airplane Gameplay

Battlefield 4 Frogfoot Airplane GameplayBattlefield 4 Frogfoot Airplane Gameplay – Check out this video of me flying the Frogfoot attack jet on BF4 for the Xbox One. This plane can be a little tricky to fly and target ground troops. You can lock onto light and heavy armored vehicles, but you have to hold the lock while flying. This can be a little sketchy at times.

I was able to get a few kills with this plane and avoid being shot out of the sky for several minutes. Without the rocket boosters, it makes it hard to out run locking missiles.

Battlefield 4 Frogfoot Airplane Gameplay

Most plane loadouts only focus primarily on air-to-air combat. It is nice to mix it up and to have the ability to target ground troops. You are somewhat defenseless against fighter jets, because you can only defend with your 50 cal gunner.

Regardless, this plane comes in handy when there are a lot of tanks on the ground. You can really do some damage, if you can control this beast.

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