Don’t Starve (Day 7) – Crock Pot Basics and How Not to Farm Spiders

So, this episode went a little horribly wrong.

First of all, I showed a bit of how to use the crock pot:

  • 1 meat + 3 fillers (not twigs) = meatballs
  • 1 meat + 2 fillers + 1 twig = kebabs.

Unfortunately, that’s really as far as I got. The best way to farm spiders is to lay a few traps, then lure the spiders in. A tier one spider den only spawns a max of 3 normal spiders. Unfortunately, some pigs got in the mix, combined with the dense trees made it difficult to lure the spiders and run away effectively. Then, to make matters worse, the den evolved to tier two in the middle of the skirmish. Tier twos will spawn spider warriors, which can jump (just as scary as jumping spiders IRL), and alas, I died.

Lesson learned: take care of your health before you decide to fight spiders. Pumpkin cookies (honey + 1 pumpkin + 1 filler) and honey are great for restoring health, but anything else from a crock pot should improve your health somewhat.

A note: I did say that pigs will turn into werepigs at midnight if you feed them monster meat, but they actually will turn on the full moon.


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