GTA 5 – Rockstar Games Mannequin Challenge

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GTA 5 - Rockstar Games Mannequin Challenge

Rockstar Games characters strike a pose for the ultimate Mannequin Challenge [Video in 4K 60fps]

Wallpaper from the video:
4K –
1080p –

Mods used in this video:
● Max Payne by Barak101 –
● HD Tommy Vercetti by lunchxbles –
● HD Claude Speed by lunchxbles –
● HD CJ by Alec Courtney – (Thread on GTAForums:
● Jimmy Hopkins – Bully [Add-On Ped] by Meth0d –
● Niko Bellic by theNGclan & Lunchxbles
● Johnny Klebitz [Add-On] by theNGclan –
● Luis Lopez by TheFriedturkey
● Roman Bellic [Player Mod] by Z@gor –
● John Marston Ped Model by Tanklm –
● And other modifications made by GTA Series Videos

Thank you to PrE233 (

Music: Requiem Mass in D minor (K. 626) by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


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