Minecraft PE How to Cut Down Trees

Minecraft PE How to Cut Down TreesMinecraft PE How to Cut Down Trees – Watch this video of me using a special method to cut down tall trees. This method is also very effective to use in the multiplayer version of Pocket Mine, as there is a glitch that doesn’t allow you to collect blocks over a specific height. For trees that are reachable from the ground, this method will take slightly longer.

If you are playing on a Pocket Mine server, then you will want to use this method all of the time. Chopping wood in Minecraft Pocket Edition is about as fun as it is in real life. The faster and more efficient you can do it, the better.

Minecraft PE How to Cut Down Trees

Cutting down trees is a must in MCPE. You cannot get wood blocks from any other method. Tall pine trees yield the most wood, as they grow the tallest. Building scaffolding to the top and chopping down to the ground, insures that you will get all the blocks and the fastest way possible.

I always keep dirt blocks in my personal inventory, so I can build makeshift scaffolding for cutting down trees, climbing out of holes, etc…

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